Pattaya Property Guide

Advice for Buyers

Dealing locally is best.

The safest way to deal is in person and face to face and make sure the seller is the owner of the car, get a copy of the sellers ID.

Be wary if the seller only wants to communicate via e-mail.

Be more wary if the seller is currently out of the country or resides overseas or far from where the vehicle is located.

Be extremely wary if the seller flat out refuses to talk on the phone or claims they cannot talk on the phone.

Arrange to meet at the seller’s home or office, a place you can verify that you can contact the seller in the future should you need to. Be very wary of meeting in car parks or other public streets.

Check if the cars “Blue book” (registration document) is held by a finance company, if so you will need to contact the finance company and arrange to clear the finance directly with them.

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